Get your business scale faster, earn 5 to 10 times profit and operate on autopilot

Do you seek financial & brand growth, time freedom from your business? Do you need more attention, accuracy, clarity, predictability in your business? You are blessed with unique opportunity. We help you explore & exploit new possibilities for your business to attract revenue, profit, scale. 

Who we are

Aaruni Technology Solutions is a business, management consulting & digital automation company located in Bengaluru, Bharat (India). We are devoted and dedicated to help local businesses & global enterprises resolve their pain & challenges associated with culture, process & automation. Since 2011 we have been serving global businesses of all sizes operating in agritech, wellness, retail, manufacturing, logistics, construction, automative industries. 

Our success stories

Top reasons why businesses fail to scale, profit & automate


of businesses are operated as self-employment that depends upon business owner, investment or team.


of the businesses believe money spent on marketing & Sales is expense and not investment.


of businesses are unknown beyond business owner network & business location.


of businesses invest in technology without ROI because of failure to fix organizational culture & process issues.

What we do?

SYSTEM driven businesses operates on autopilot, scales faster and earns 5 to 10 times profit
  • We identify & resolve culture & process issues so as to build SYSTEMs driven businesses. We do it by building teams, functional strategies & systems with complete clarity about goals, roles, competency & culture so that you grow scalable & profitable business.
  • We help businesses Digitize data, Automate processes, Analyze data for growth insights, predictions and recommendations.
  • We design & develop web and mobile apps, custom software (SaaS/PaaS), industry solutions as “value for money” automation solutions that are simple and easy to maintain.

How can we help you grow your business & help make more money?

Business consulting

Business & Management consultants

Business Automation

Digital Transformation & System Integration

Software development

App development & Maintenance, SaaS/PaaS development

Business data analysis & intelligence

Content creation, distribution & marketing

We have delivered


Businesses impacted


Software products launched


Enterprise systems integrated


Business insights delivered

Our Services

Business & Management consulting

Does your business suffers from lack of consistent revenue, profit or attention, leads? Does your business suffers from lack of sufficient fund (working capital)? Quite often answer these questions lies within your business than outside? Our expert team reveal you unknown possibilities to resolve all such issue and unlock growth potential of your business.

App Development & Maintenance

Mobile apps have single handedly replaced business card, website, product/service brochure and catalog, advertisement, product demos, emails, credit card, bank, customer support executives and list goes on. Your own Android or iOS app would be sure way to reach out and delight your customers.

System Integration - India Stack

Leverage the components of India Stack, so your business can enhance their digital capabilities, reduce operational inefficiencies, access new markets, and improve customer experiences. India stack help your business benefit from inclusive and digitized ecosystem, empowerment so your business to thrive in the digital age.

Our Software solutions

Satva (SaaS): Document data extraction & analytics

  • Extract data from many sources e.g. documents, emails, XML, images (Computer Vision powered) 

  • Extract data from document of various formats (ML/AI powered)

  • Spot and configure the data that your business values

  • Seemless & Real-time integration with Enterprise systems (RPA Powered)

Fixed Asset Management for every Business

  • 5/8 steps Asset Management life cycle

  • In-built document data acquisition/extraction (Computer Vision powered)

  • Real-time tracking of depreciation & valuation

  • Asset Audit at any stage (RPA Powered)

  • Asset data analytics: Dashboards & reports.

App Store - Partner Products

Our Growth Partners

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Client Testimonials

TechZion IT Solutions Inc. USA CEO & Founder

Your support helped acquire new clients leading to jump in revenue from US market. Thank you!

DISH Network India Head - India Operations

Thank you so much for supporting us in our critical milestones.

Tareta Solutions COO & Co-founder

Very few tech companies understand both. [1] client business model, culture, value proposition and [2] technology product development. Team Aaruni is one such rare company among hundreds of tech labor contractors.

    Client Sucecss Stories

    Why choose Aaruni?

    Get the Full Idea of How We Can Help You
    Here we explain how your business benefits from our services.

      Your Business model/ process is the key

      Clarity of vision, target market, consumer behaviour
      2 Clarity of business value (product & Services), business model (B Corporation Certified) and business goals
      Clarity of functional strategies & Systems
      We help provide clarity of roles, competency & culture

      Outcome, milestone based delivery

      Offers the result based engagement
      Offers deeper integration with business team & workflows
      Helps in new product development & innovation
      Helps delight customer with stronger contribution to business growth

      Quality & User experience is our priority

      We focus on financial and non-financial benefits
      We help every end-users and stakeholder own their goals & roles for successul training, adoption of software
      We educate on business value of technology to empower end-users
      We offer visualization of data and content for everybody is on same page

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