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“It’s a lack of clarity that creates chaos and frustration. Those emotions are poison to any living goal.”

Looking to build scalable SYSTEMs?

    What is DX (Digital Transformation)?

    Digital Transformation is a rethinking of how an organization uses technology (automation), people (culture), and processes(operations), in pursuit of a new business model and new revenue streams, driven by changes in customer expectations around products & services.

    Digital transformation is a foundational change in how an businesses delivers value to its customers.

    Digital transformation is a global trend in business approach to shift from physical operating models and value delivery to digital. Since the 1990s technology has been leading the world to the hyper digitalization era. Today Businesses have to embrace transformation to stay on board.

    Customers are main driving force for digital transformation. Customer expectations have evolved leading to power shifted from brands to customers.

    Add to that the ominous stat that only 11% of 1,140 business executives surveyed by McKinsey believe their current business models will be economically viable through 2023, and it’s easy to understand why 64% of those execs say their companies must build new digital businesses.

    Numerous factors with a unique set of dynamics are involved in making digital transformation a successful phenomenon. This led to only 30% success in the implementation of digital transformation initiatives launched across global corporations. 

    With our our unique DX framework, we have delivered many successful digital transformation initiatives.

    We offer two paths to align business value with digital transformation!

    Replacement of the physical value with the digital

    Preserve physical value but digitalize processes

    Digital Transformation Consulting Services

    We offer following consulting services for digital transformation of real-world businesses

    Assess & rate business maturity using proprietary DX framework

    Design digital business model, set & manage business goals

    Assess, rate & qualify business processes (functions & strategies) for automation

    Build Digital solutions to automate business process into scalable SYSTEMs

    Our Digital Transformation process

    At Aaruni, our indigenously designed proprietary framework called “Prakruti” helps us unlock key secrete to implement Digital Transformation

    1. Clarity

    Goals, Business model, Functions, Strategies, Systems, Roles

    2. Competence

    Skill, Knowledge, Self-awareness, Traits, Motive (mindset)

    3. Culture

    Relationship, Energy, Commitment, Performance & Results

    4. Resources

    Team, Fund, Time & Scalable technology tools

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Digital transformation ensures business growth and helps you stay ahead of your competitors.

    For example, your competitors might be generating a high number of leads, setting up calls, and landing clients before lunchtime. But you are still using the old referral methodology of getting leads and cold-calling people.
    To stay competitive and to ensure business growth, transform your business by incorporating the latest digital tools.

    Targeting your digital transformation plan allows you to accomplish early wins that help you gain momentum. Digital Transformation is about influencing your employees to learn and adopt new technologies. 

    Communication is the most effective way to alter minds, stimulate thought, and encourage new behavior. Communicate the business goals clearly and make sure it is understood properly by your employees.  

    Choose technologies that can complement your unique digital transformation strategy. Organizations must know where they are headed and understand the requirements that will come up in the future to invest in tools and technology that can adapt according to the roadmap.

    Here’s what our clients say

    TechZion IT Solutions Inc. USA

    Your support helped acquire new clients leading to jump in revenue from US market. Thank you!

    DISH Network India

    Thank you so much for supporting us in our critical milestones.

      Why choose Aaruni?

      Get the Full Idea of How We Can Help You
      Here we explain how your business benefits from our services.

        Your Business model/process is the key

        We offer clarity of vision, target market, consumer behaviour
        2 We offer clarity of business value (product & Services), business model and business goals
        We offer clarity of functional strategies & Systems
        We help provide clarity of roles, competency & culture

        Quality & User experience is our priority

        We focus on financial and non-financial benefit realization from software
        We help every end-users and stakeholder own their goals & roles for successul training, adoption of software
        We educate on business value of technology to empower end-users
        We offer visualization of data and content for everybody is on same page

        Outcome, milestone based delivery

        Offers the result based engagement
        Offers deeper integration with business team & workflows
        Helps in new product development & innovation
        Helps delight customer with stronger contribution to business growth

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