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    Are you overwhelmed with various software tools and platforms that can’t share data and work together?
    Are you using outdated but critical software to perform the core business functions which cannot be removed or replaced?
    Do you have Enterprise applications that often share no points of collaboration and accumulate huge volumes of data separately?
    Does your business needs new functionality but you can’t afford customer software development or have not time to wait for features to be developed from the ground up?

    Benefits of System Integration

    System integration is the process of joining software and hardware modules into one cohesive infrastructure, enabling all parts to work as a whole. Often referred to as software integration or IT integration.

    System Integration is all you need for your business so you gain team productivity, accurate and trusted data & faster decision making and cost effectiveness. We help clients bridge scattered computer subsystems from different vendors and ensures those subsystems function in accordance with one another. As system integrator our team perform various tasks such as planning, regulating, testing, and often maintaining computer operations saving you precious time and efforts.
    As system integrator we deliver true business value through our team expertise, experience, the best in class integration technologies & state of art infrastructure resources.

    Increased productivity

    System Integration allow centralized control over the daily processes which adds to the efficiency of the entire business workflows. Gets you more work done in less time.

    Accurate and trustworthy data

    Your business data is updated across all components of the system simultaneously, keeping all departments on the same page nurturing the collaboration culture.

    Faster decision-making

    System Integration gets you the holistic view of all information so you can extract useful business insights to make good decisions more rapidly adding agillity to your team performance and market response.


    System Integration comes at a lower cost than replacing all independent parts with a new single system. System Integration is more simpler than implementing new computer infrastructures.

    We offer popular System Integration services that exactly meet your business requirements

    Legacy Integration

    If you have outdated but critical software to perform the core business functions, but you cannot be cannot be removed and replaced with more modern technology. But you can always modernize legacy systems by establishing a communication channel with newer information systems and technology solutions. Want to know more?

    Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

    Do you have too many enterprise applications that do not share common interfaces for any kind of collaboration but end up accumulating huge volumes of data seperately. EAI brings all functions into one business chain and automates real-time data exchange between different applications. Learn more?

    Third Party System Integration

    You business needs new functionality but you can’t afford custom software development or just has no time to wait for features to be built from scratch. Team Aaruni offers you Integration of third-party tools so you gain best of breed solution without business distruption.
    Wonder how?

    Business to Business Integration

    Do you seek automation of transactions and document exchange across companies and geographical locations or markets? B2B integration helps gain more efficient cooperation and trade with suppliers, customers, and partners. How we do it? To know more...

    You can automate and gain full transparency of your business operations by joining enterprise data and systems together. If you want to conduct effective integration and get returns on your investments in no time, a comprehensive System Integration strategy and expert team would help meet your exact expectations. 

    1. Planning & Feasbility Analysis

    We start with the assessment of systems to be integrated and design strategy.We get complete view of your current software and its tech specifications to define all integration requirements including scope, schedule & cost, risk & mitigation plans.

    2. Architecture Modeling

    We choose one of architectural models (Point to Point (P2P), Hub and Spoke, ESB - Enterprise Service bus) that to meet your specific needs. We also design communication blueprint for interaction among other systems. This is most labor intensive phase where preliminary & physical designs are created.

    3. Implementation

    We test newly integrated system to make sure that all modules seamlessly interact with one another without losing any data during transmission. We apply shorter versions of agile project management e.g. SCRUM to help a company adjust to the changing landscape of integration systems.

    4. Maintenance

    We meticulously watch & execute routine maintenance on the system. We schedule performance diagnostics to make sure that all modules function flawlessly and no errors occur is advised. Our team offers eye for detail and disciplined routine to maintain highest standards of service levels.

    India Stack refers to a set of digital infrastructure components that have been developed by the government of India to enable the delivery of various services to Indian citizens. It is a unified platform that leverages technology to provide secure and accessible digital services across multiple sectors.

    India Stack offers several potential benefits for MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) in India. Here are some ways in which MSMEs can benefit from the components of India Stack:
    By leveraging the components of India Stack, MSMEs can enhance their digital capabilities, reduce operational inefficiencies, access new markets, and improve customer experiences. It promotes a more inclusive and digitized ecosystem, empowering MSMEs to thrive in the digital age.

    Digital Identity and KYC:

    The Aadhaar digital identity system enables MSMEs to easily authenticate the identity of customers, employees, and vendors. This simplifies the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, reducing paperwork and enabling faster onboarding of customers and suppliers.

    Digital Payments (UPI):

    The Unified Payments Interface (UPI) provides MSMEs with a convenient and secure way to receive payments from customers. It allows businesses to accept payments directly into their bank accounts, eliminating the need for traditional payment methods like cash or cheques. UPI enables faster settlement, reduces transaction costs, and provides real-time payment confirmation.

    Access to Government Services:

    India Stack facilitates MSMEs’ access to various government services and schemes. With Aadhaar-based authentication and digital identification, MSMEs can avail themselves of government benefits, subsidies, and financial assistance programs more easily. This can help in accessing credit, obtaining licenses, and participating in government procurement processes.

    Paperless Documentation:

    The Digital Locker (DigiLocker) component of India Stack enables MSMEs to store and access important documents digitally. This reduces the need for physical paperwork and provides a secure and easily accessible repository for documents like business licenses, permits, and certifications.

    GST Compliance:

    The Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) platform simplifies the GST compliance process for MSMEs. It provides a centralized platform for GST registration, return filing, and tax payment. This streamlines the taxation process, reduces the compliance burden, and promotes ease of doing business.

    Integration and Innovation:

    India Stack APIs allow MSMEs to integrate the components of India Stack into their own applications and services. This opens up opportunities for innovation, enabling MSMEs to develop new digital solutions, enhance customer experiences, and improve operational efficiency.

    System integration is the process of joining software and hardware modules into one cohesive infrastructure, enabling all pieces to work as a whole.

    • To gain centralized control over the daily processes which adds to the efficiency of the entire workflow.
    • You want all departments share same accurate & trusted data so they have complete clarity.
    • You want toavoid scattered data manually downloaded and export it to the centralized repository.
    • You save cost of replacing all disjointed parts with a new single system by adopting low cost System Integration solution.
    • Increased productivity. 
    • Provide your team the access to more accurate and trustworthy data. 
    • Faster decision-making saving loads of time & expensive risks & mistakes. 
    • Save huge cost & IT budget.  
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