Life @ Aaruni

Design your tomorrow @ Aaruni.

Why join Aaruni?

Clients do not come first. Team come first. If you take care of your Team, they will take care of the clients.

Richard Branson,  Virgin Group 

  1. At Aaruni Day1 starts with a Team member expressing her/his aspirations & goals for self and family.
  2. The entire organization works with dedication helping the Team achieve Financial growth, Career growth and Quality of life, and “value for money” for the customer.
  3. At Aaruni, every team member has the complete clarity about
    • Team Goals
    • Business Model
    • Business goals
    • Culture
    • Roles
  4. We value all-around competency development for the team with a focus on attitude, skills, knowledge.  

Our Talent Assessment Process

1. Technical Round

Technical round help candidate share their exposure, experience in her/his preferred technologies detailing their knowledge and skills.

2. Practical Round

Practical round is a session where candidates are given technical tasks based upon their capability and work experience to perform the tasks.

3. HR Round

Candidate would undergo HR screening round where they would be assessed against culture, team fitment with development potential, leadership & interpersonal skills.

4. Final Round

Finally the applicant will get a chance to interact with the Managers, Leaders / CEO for a formal introduction.