Advanced Technology Services

Exploit your business data to fuel your business growth!

Our offerings

Advanced Technologies such as Data Science, Machine Learning improve human intuition in the analytics lifecycle touching every aspect from data creation to insights sharing. The integration of data science makes analytics more accessible, generates business value, and provides hidden insights. Experience more enhanced and detail-oriented results with our Data Analytics & AI solutions.

Our Focus

  • Ideal time costing
  • Loan Outliers analytics
  • Credit Score Optimization
  • Fraud Risk mitigation
  • Portfolio Optimization 
  • Best Before Use
  • Social Media Command center
  • Repeat Purchase & Loyalty
  • Redundant Inventory
  • Cross-sell
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Corporate Mental health Analytics
  • ECR for Mental Health Hospitals
  • Symptoms, diagnostics Analytics
  • Patient Monitoring
  • Negation  Detection
  • Failure Probability Modeling 
  • Outage detection & prediction
  • Smart Grid security Theft detection
  • Preventive Equipment Maintenance
  • Real-time customer billing
  • Demand response management

Advanced Technology Services

We live in an era of data which is new oil and soil. Datasets have become so huge, complex, and fast-moving.
Your business needs the insights hiding in your data if it’s going to grow and sustain. We make mining through your business data is easy, with the right tools, identify the solution to your insight needs.

  • Data Warehouse & Data Lake

Your business data matures during it’s journey from collection to archiving. We offer scalable and robust data engineering, data integration services so your business realize the efficient and cost-effective business value. We specialize in Data warehouse, Data Lake solutions.

  • Business Intelligence

We help companies benefit from deep insights extracted from their business data.
Our Business Intelligence services help you improve your business KPIs so your business stands out.

  • Data Analytics

Through advanced analytics, business leaders can identify patterns in consumer behavior, market trends, future results with improved precision.
Aaruni data analytics solutions enable your business predict results and prescribe recommendations

  • Data Visualization

Intelligence that data hides isn’t consumable during decision making when you need the most.
We apply best domain experience, technologies skills & visualization expertise that reveals more about your business so you take up impressive decisions

  • Predictive Analytics

With complete understanding of patterns by mining vast data and application of machine learning and stastical tools and algorithms helps businesses predict future trends. We can help you unlock powerful analytics insights by tapping into data you didn’t even know you had.

  • Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is available to us through Siri, Alexa, or Google Home. NLP helps for businesses power their stand-out claims. Monetize your data available in the form of text, voice, audio, images, videos etc. to enhance enterprise insight discovery, analytics, and decision making.

  • Deep Learning

In the age of connected devices, immersive experiences driven by personalization and intelligent operations are unlocking new possibilities for every industry. We dive deeper into complex data to uncover hidden opportunities and deliver business value with precision using real-time deep learning algorithms.

  • Cognitive User Experience

Experts from Aaruni can help your business leverage AI technologies to create intelligent and unique customer experiences. Personalized services elevated with AI superpowers your customer experience and reduces your operating costs exponentially.

  • Digital Business Automation

Automation simplifies how businesses operate. IoT, AI & RPA is transforming imagination into reality. We apply AI-powered automation to manage complex technology environments, simplify workflows and tasks, which reduce costs, free time to focus on what is critical and strategic.

  • Industry Integration

Next Industrial revolution is underway which giving sweeping change that will fundamentally reconfigure industry. We provide solutions wherein intelligent, interconnected equipments and products autonomously communicate to optimize value chain.

  • Connected Experience

Using a combination of sensors and connectivity technology such as Bluetooth, WiFi, cellular networks and others, information regarding people and processes is shared and updated. We help identify business/use cases, develop POCs, implement custom cloud hosted solutions, leverage IoT data through analytics.

  • Smart Factory

By harnessing Big Data, your organization can remotely monitor all of your assets, and through Industry 4.0 and IoT, enable holistic value chain analytics.
With smart factory solution, you gain the enormous optimization through product roadmap, product management, product sales, manufacturing & assembly up to digital services and service management.

  • Document Capture Software

We create custom document capture solutions using proven solutions to acquire structured content from electronic and physical documents. We deliver such solutions using multifunctional printers, scanners, smart devices, email, FTP, mobile phones and content management systems.

  • Scraping Automation

We understands the value of screen scraping for data migration and integration as it enables modern apps communicate with legacy apps without API plugins. We provide screen scraping solutions to provide complete accuracy, with OCR capabilities, work in every code environment and include web scraping.

  • Business Continuity 

RPA and AI are key enablers for today’s imperatives of continuing digitization, enhancing productivity, and accelerating automation. We transform your business into resilient operation with intelligent automation to create agile business infrastructure and empower employees to focus on adapting to change successfully.

  • Task Automation

We empower enterprises with robotic and business process automation that yields a greater margin of profit with reduced manpower and operating cost. Automating monotonous tasks leads to enhanced accuracy and efficiency in business operations.

Our Approach

Value Discovery

Define detailed App Roadmap

Experience Design

Implement end-user UX expectations

Development & Integration

Architecture compliant Test-Driven Development

Innovation & Iteration

Plan for next version with new feature set and change requests

Realize Value

Deploy web app for adoption, successful monetization

Testing & Monitoring

Quality testing that performance in production Environment

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We have fondness for platform development with passionate attention on challenging integrations.

Mobile ready solutions that are extensively tested on wide range of mobile devices

We deliver solutions powered by micro-services for extensibility and scalability.

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