Design thinking

In the last 50 years, only 16% of software has been delivered to production.

Design the key role in business growth!

Design helps us engage, keeps us connected to the world. Help navigate our way through physical and digital space.

We also all know iconic designs, such as the Swiss Army Knife, the humble Google home page, or the Disneyland visitor experience. All of these are constant reminders of the way strong design can be at the heart of both disruptive and sustained commercial success in physical, service, and digital settings.

Although the commercial benefits of designing great products and services are well-known, but realizing the great design goal is notoriously hard and competition & innovation is making it more getting harder. Now only the very best designs stand out from the crowd, which leads to the rapid rise in consumer expectations. For example Amazon; instant access to global information and reviews; and the blurring of lines between hardware, software, and services.

Companies need stronger design capabilities than ever before to standout uniquely, grow profitably as well as scale. That is when Team Aaruni delivers your business expectations.

Our design capabilities includes

  • User Experience Research & Design for great user & customer experience
  • User Interface using storyboarding & wireframes
  • Object oriented analysis, design & programming using UML
  • Custom software solution architecture that meets exact business requirements
  • SaaS (software as a service) platform (product) design
  • Micro-service oriented architecture & design
  • Value Proposition design (Value proposition map)
  • Business Model design (Business Model Canvas)

Why choose Aaruni?

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64 Apps

1248 APIs

5345 Insights

16892 Tickets

Value for money

Driven by Return on investment
Designed for exact business need & longer shelf life
Powered by Local wisdom & talent
Deep knowledge about client business

Great Customer Experience

Simple & easy user interface
Support for local language & Currency
Self service/delightful tech support
Faster implementation

Top notch Quality

High performance architecture
Reliable quality software
Secure & Safe Access control
Confidentiality & Privacy of data

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