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    In any sizable manufacturing operation, it is always a challenge to track goals, team roles, resources, schedule, budget, compliance to ensure high availability and performance. In the Digital era, the manufacturing industry is compelled to adopt automation powered by digital technologies and data-driven intelligence for problems as well as result prediction and solution recommendations. This helps to edge out the competition, trends, unforeseen disruption with faster time-to-market and better ROI.

    Transform your Manufacturing business​

    The application of trending technologies and tools has redesigned manufacturing operations into smart factories operations. Data-driven intelligence, predictive analytics have gained critical value in manufacturing decisions.
    Various technologies such as Industry Internet of Things, Robotic Process Automation, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data science are playing critical roles in implementing inconceivable systems transforming the entire business into a digital business.

    We at Aaruni Technology Solutions recognize the need for innovative application of the latest technologies & data analytics to power manufacturing operations with smart & intelligent features. We understand any business process automation without mature culture and process leads to failure in realizing Return on investment. Hence we combine strategy, management consulting with digital automation solutions.

    Smart Factory Solutions

    Asset Management

    Asset Management for physical tracking, valuation & compliance of Fixed(Capital Goods), IT, Software assets. We stand out among major players for unique Life Cycle management approach to asset management.

    Business Process Automation solutions

    Business Process Automation solutions for Inventory, Warehouse, Store management, Work-in-Process from raw material to finished goods.

    Connected/ Smart Supply Chain management

    Connected and Smart Supply Chain management to accommodate disruptions like pandemic and economic crisis etc.

    Transportation/ Logistics management

    Transportation/Logistics management for trucking fleets, schedule, route & cost optimization. We have helped fix inaccessible truck driver performance tracking through.

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