6 Steps to grow small business that operates without business owner


Before we look at the solutions let's look at top reasons why small businesses in India struggle to grow and scale
  1.  Business owners believe marketing & sales is expense and not investment.
  2. 68% of businesses lack client/customer base outside their social network and home city.
  3. Majority business completely dependent on referral (reactive marketing) business.
  4. They operate business as self-employment with little clarity about how to grow profitably.
  5. They believe their business struggle is due to international market, political landscape, pandemic, MNCs dominance, aggressive competition, labor market, and lack of investment/investors.
  6. They fail to build business that grows and operates in absence of business owner.

Here are 6 solutions to resolve these issues once for all and build highly profitable business.

  1. Business owners need to forecast and predict marketing & Sales budget for investment. Annually they must allocate and manage budget with discipline.
  2. They need strong online presence (website, social media with sellable content) to gain visibility across state, country and international markets.
  3. They need to invest in proactive marketing (digital) & creative marketing (video) as referral marketing is never in control of business owner. They fail to monetize Partner marketing channels, Digital marketing channels in addition to direct marketing.
  4. They need to acquire clarity of goals, roles, business model, culture & competency requirements.
  5. They need to invest time, money & efforts in themselves to acquire attitude, skill & knowledge to growth their business. Because business growth is more dependent upon internal factors than external factors which is never in control of business owners.
  6. They need to invest into team, systems, functions & processes and tools that is essential to establish business that operates on auto-pilot. Digital Transformation (digitization, digitalization & digital analytics) & Digital marketing is new age solution to build scalable & profitable business.

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