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Most of Indian technology professionals experience come from business that are engaged labor contracting than software product business. Some even claim that they understand Product management quite well.

Unlike project management, Product management has a more comprehensive life cycle.

Software is a Product

Here are 4 reasons why sofware is a Product and not project development.

  1. Because 84% of software never delivered to production in last 6 decades

  2. Because 60% of Software development efforts wasted in programming

  3. Because 76% software never participate in design phase

  4. Because Maintenance and support efforts involves more number of new feature development than bug fixes & Change Requests.

Product mindset

Project/Program/Portfolio/Account management forms a subset of the Product management life cycle.

  1. Product management demonstrates commitment to quality & user experience than deadline.
  2. The cost of defects is quite high in a Product, unlike aproject.
  3. In product management, you are answerable to the entire market unlike in project management you are answerable to one client.
  4. The product management schedule is driven by the Product Roadmap and Go-to-market plan whereas project management is driven by client-set deadlines.


Product Owner or Product manager needs different mindset than corporate employed project/program/account/portfolio managers. Product Owner or Product manager lives with personal as well as the professional risk of failure, challenges within the operating role, and direct business impact of their decisions made. True Product owners or product managers are very business savvy and risk-takers.

Product capabilities

Product management Phases

Here are key phases of product management

  1. Product Market Research
  2. Product Planning
  3. Product Development &
  4. Product Marketing (includes Sales).

Product Idea assessment

Successful product business is assessed against following 3 criteria

  1. Problem solution fitment
  2. Product Market fitment
  3. Business Model fitment (size of opportunity).

This is the reason, there are few potential product managers in India.

Quite often business model hits revenue saturation. But product-based business models brings-in organic, sustainable scalability to your business. If focus and execution are impeccable, your product business would consistently deliver business growth as a miracle, that your services business won't, even after 15-20 years.


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