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* Vibhav [Samskrit] : Asset

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    Every physical asset is capital good that incur capital expenditure (CapEx). Each asset goes through various stages procurement, warranty maintenance, allocation, ownership management, depreciation, auditing, maintenance & retire/dispose etc. until it retired/disposed-off.
    At Aaruni, we follows Life cycle approach for asset management where-in the assets can be tracked from the time it enters the organization and till it retires from the service or scrapped or sold. Team Aaruni has expertise to implement various asset management solutions using IoT, Barcode, QR Code, RFID, NFC, BLE, GPS technologies. We provide various Asset management solutions

    • Fixed Asset Management
    • IT Asset management
    • Software Asset Management .

    Asset Management Features

    1.Manage your asset easily & effectively throughout its Life Cycle from Acquisition to Disposal.
    2.Track critical events Insurance, Warranties etc..
    3.Configure industry standard or your preferred methodology for depreciation & valuation estimation.
    4.Comprehensive Asset Register that provide complete data about asset recorded throughout asset life journey.
    5.Audit of the Asset status at any stages of asset life cycles
    6.In-built Asset data management such as data acquisition/extraction/digitization (AI powered).
    7.Automatic Asset Data reconciliation (AI powered).
    8.Asset Data Analytics (Data Science powered) for predictive/preventive maintenance.
    9.Comprehensive Dashboards & Reports for decision maturity across organization.
    10.Platform APIs (Micro-Service Oriented architected) for seamless integration with Enterprise Systems and third party solutions.

    Benefits of Vibhava - Asset Management Solutions

    Forecasting Control

    Complete control over Capex Budgeting & Forecasting through improved tracking of asset investments

    Transperancy & Visibility

    Proactive Asset Health management through visibility & transparency on repair/ refurbishment/ replacement

    Real-time Audit

    Complete control over asset availability/shrinkage through real-time/quicker audits.

    Reduce Cost

    Reduce asset management cost of AMCs and insurance through real-time alerts & notification about Asset maintenance & tracking.

    Superior Financial Planning

    Superior Financial planning, forecasting, budgeting with complete clarity about Asset performance & health data.

    Capital goods are physical assets that a company uses in the production process to manufacture products and services that consumers will later use. Capital goods include buildings, machinery, equipment, vehicles, and tools. Capital goods are not finished goods, instead, they are used to make finished goods.

    All techniques have their own benefits for example GPS is one the best technique for outdoor tracking but it is not effective indoor tracking. Therefore, the best technology varies according to business requirements.

    For asset tracking, a unique asset code is assigned to each asset, and that unique code assists in tracking. For example, a Barcode/QRCode or RFID, Low Frequency Bluetooth label is attached to an asset, this barcode contains a unique number, when this label is scanned then it provides information about the asset.

    If an organization is not equipped with asset management software then asset theft, over maintenance or under maintenance of the asset, daily operation hindrance etc. is some of the possibility that can occur.


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