Retail Shelf Monitor

Impress Shoppers with well-managed store shelf-spaces.

Yukta [Samskrit] : Properous


The importance of the shelf presence of your products in retail outlets doesn’t need much explanation, at least for fast-moving consumer goods. Those which are visible to customers will get sold, as simple as that. As a brand owner, answers to some pertinent questions must be available with you always and in real-time. For example, do you have enough real estate? Is someone else occupying your property? Is the space prominent enough to grab customer attention? Are you getting the share of the shelf you deserve? And many more…

  • Menial stock monitoring tasks lead to stressed FSR(Field Sales Rep) distracting customer focus
  • Consumer experience with full-stock stores impacts positively on customer buying behaviour.

Powered by Deep Learning

Image/object recognition techniques to analyze retail audit data with complete control over your in-store operation.
We provides Image/object Recognition solution to manage perfect store space & operation. We empower Retailers & CPG stores to get in-store insights from shelf photos that help them to deliver impress customers and optimize marketing budget. CPG companies are seeking analytics solutions to leverage AI & data science. Our solution delivers shortest adoption time with focus on ROI within a week of integrating the technology at a fraction of the cost. Due to quicker onboarding times, our solution scale quickly to identify new SKUs, especially during drive-time events.

Why Yukta?

Easiest implementation, training & adoption has an unbelievable reduction in TCO.

Yukta SSM provides actionable real-time insights for FSRs and/or merchandisers to action for compliance.

Quick onboarding through recognition of new product or planogram changes

Through in-store images, we measure critical KPIs planogram compliance, the shelf share, and out-of-stock rate. 

Without manual observation, count, guess-work, struggle with PDA/mobile devices, FSR freed to manage unknowns and surprises.

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