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* Sattva [Samskrit] : Essence

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    Document analysis identifies and extracts critical information from incoming paper and electronic documents without extensive user interaction. It transforms the time-consuming and error-prone task of manually processing documents across different formats into a fast, effective, and intelligent automated learning workflow. It combines automatic document classification, extraction, validation, routing, and approval; archiving; and uploading the data into the CMS or ERP system. Document analytics provide insights through digitization, workflow optimization, and access, which lead to savings and efficiencies.

    Powered by Deep Learning

    Post-COVID-19, enterprises are expected to automate as much as possible to reduce dependence on the human workforce and cut costs. Sattva, the automated data extraction using document analysis solutions will enable organizations to process large volumes of semi-structured and unstructured documents with low-touch processing, greater accuracy, and faster turnaround times.

    Bills & Financial statements


    Contract documents

    Insurance Claims


    Payroll & Timesheet


    Extract Data

    1.Sign-up for Sattva account
    2.Snap/Scan (digitize) photo of your financial/statement document
    3.Automatically extract (image to text with OCR) data from images, pdfs, tiff, documents using Mobile SDK (Lens) and Central Email account

    Search & Organize data

    1.AP/Bill pay
    2.Market research (SKUs, duplicate cheques/checks, CPG/FMCG long receipts
    3.Expense data
    4.Book keeping
    5.Employee time sheet tracking through payroll integration.

    Data Operation & Analytics

    1.Automatically backup data in cloud
    2.Automatically data entry using RPA 3.Automatically Bank reconciliation using RPA


    1.Integrate with accounting software through Receipt OCR API and Invoice OCR API
    2.Publish your docs and their data directly to accounting software.
    3.Partner rule engine to automate how receipts, bills and statements are coded.

    Sattva Applications

    Accounting software

    Invoice, Bills & Financial Statements


    Simplified KYC to optimize Loan processing

    Marketing & Loyalty

    Insights into repeat purchase to automate loyalty campaigns

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    Case Studies

    Client Photo
    TechZion IT Solutions Inc. USA

    Your support helped acquire new clients leading to jump in revenue from US market. Thank you!

    Client Photo
    DISH Network India

    Thank you so much for supporting us in our critical milestones.

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