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What we do?

We build smart apps, digital platforms, software products that deliver true business value. We apply latest trending technologies to deliver Digital Transformation goals irrespective of nature of your business challenge or size of your business.

Our Focus

We are solving the industry’s biggest problems through automation. We have deeper understanding of the client business model, target market, value proposition, business operations, and their automation needs.

App Development & Support

We deliver innovative & intelligent mobile app design, development & support services that meet the exact needs of the target market and customers.

Platform Development (PaaS)

We design, develop & deliver a platform (PaaS) powered by well-engineered modular, functional APIs. APIs deliver the promise of business value through app features.

System Integration

Our System Integration Services seamlessly consolidate disparate technology products and applications, including legacy platforms, can significantly reduce IT complexity and maximize ROI.

Data Engineering

The key to connect the dots and generate actionable insights is to identify critical data silos and collect them into unified data storage like data warehouses or Data Lake. We deliver data lake solutions to meet our client’s exact requirements.

Business Analytics

We apply skills, technologies, and practices through continuous iterative exploration and investigation of past business performance to gain insight and drive business plan & execution for sustainable growth.

Product (POC/MVP) Development

We offer product planning, product development & product management services that are agile, real-time, and with the lowest TCO (total cost of ownership). POC (Proof of concept) or MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is the quickest and cost-effective pathway to market.

Our Solutions

Sattva - Digitization Documents

Sattva, the automated data extraction using document analysis solutions will enable organizations to process large volumes of documents with low-touch processing, greater accuracy, and faster turnaround times.

Aapana - POS data analytics

We show you how to get more intelligence out of POS data from all of your stores. We help you track and forecast stock counts, optimize your marketing campaigns, give you deep insights into your ideal customers, and know much more about them.

Yukta - Retail Shelf Monitor

We empower Retailers & CPG stores to get in-store insights from shelf photos and video records to help them to impress customers and optimize marketing budget. We help you identify new SKUs, improve FSR(Field Sales Rep) productivity and improve service efficiency.

Maya - Fraud Risk Management

We reveal hidden potential of your Loan transaction data for better NPA (non-performing assets) more proactively than ever before. By integrating artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science in risk management platforms, banks can stay ahead of these challenges and reduce their fraud management costs.

Our Client Success Stories

About Aaruni

Aaruni Technology Solutions is a new age Digital Business Automation company. We provide innovative apps & industry solutions powered by strategies, experience & technologies. We are a brand new company that always looks beyond our past glories and credentials. We are a young team with a high HQ (hunger quotient) & RQ (restless quotient) for innovation.  We are Aaruni!

Why choose Aaruni?

Client success defines our business growth. Our clients trust in our result of continuous value addition to their business growth, every single day.

The strong performance of our solutions is due to our focus on the set of technologies that are known to deliver expected business value. Our team expertise lies in proven processes, methodologies, tools, and simple solutions. 

For us, customer needs are the top priority. We share our approach to fulfill those needs. Our focus on market demand and user feedback to deliver your exact expectations.

We encourage our clients to take part in every step of the product development life cycle. This helps us stay on the same page. Cooperation benefits both sides.

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